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About Us
Blue Ring Education Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based educational publisher specialising in mathematics education. Although we are a comparatively new publisher, our company founders have been developing government-approved textbooks, workbooks and electronic resources in Singapore for over 15 years.
In authoring and developing our resources, we work closely with Singapore’s teachers and Head of Departments, along with and research staff and consultants from the Singapore National Institute of Education (NIE). Curriculum specialists help to ensure our material closely follows the Singapore Ministry of Education syllabuses, making all of our resources suitable for use in schools or as supplementary material at home.
At Blue Ring Education, we feel that educational multimedia must play an integral role in primary mathematics education. As such, our comprehensive primary mathematics products include a diverse range of online and digital products, central to which is the Matholia™ primary mathematics online learning portal.
Along with providing innovative mathematics resources in Singapore, we are currently working closely with educators abroad to help bring the our successful Singapore Mathematics program to schools around the world. Please contact us to find out if our resources are available in a format adapted for your region.
Blue Ring Education – Innovative Learning
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