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Singapore’s most comprehensive primary mathematics platform.

Key features include:

• Dynamic question generation across the entire Singapore primary maths syllabus

• Automated review and self assessment

• Instructional videos and fact sheets

• Syllabus-based games

• Detailed progress-tracking and reporting


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Essential Practice for iPad

The Matholia™ Essential Practice apps allow pupils to access the full range of Matholia™ practice modules on Apple's iPad. Progress tracking and reporting links directly to the Matholia™ online portal.


​Apps are free to download. You will need a Matholia™ username and password for complate access.

Singapore Mathematics Companion

The Singapore Mathematics Companion series consists of textbook-style explanatory notes on key topics in the SIngapore primary mathematics syllabus. Each topic contains linked video solutions and Matholia™ practice module. Singapore Mathematics Companion is available from Primary 1 to Primary 6.

Matholia™ Problem Solving and Enrichment

The Matholia™ Problem Solving and Enrichment books follow the latest mathematics syllabus from the Singapore MOE and are designed to compliment current MOE-approved textbooks and workbooks.


The series is suitable for use in the classroom or as a supplementary homework book for use at home.


Each full-colour book, from Primary 1 to Primary 3, features activities that are designed to build concepts, engage pupils and promote higher-order thinking and problem solving skills.

Matholia™ PSLE Plus

Matholia ™ PSLE Plus is a problem solving practice book for Primary 6 pupils taking the end of year PSLE exam. Word problems in the book vary in complexity and each problem comes with a fully-worked video solution.

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